What are Frankie Franky candles made of?

Frankie Franky use 100% soy wax. Using cotton lead free wicks and wood wicks. The wood wicks are usually obtained from woods of sustainable forests. We use the highest quality fragrances.


How long do our candles burn for?

Frankie Franky candles have a significantly longer burn time than many other brands. When used correctly, your candle should burn for approximately 60Hrs.


Are Frankie Franky products Eco-friendly?

Our aim is to be Eco- friendly, Frankie Franky candles are all entirely vegan friendly.

All of Frankie Franky glassware is recycled, and can continue to use once your candle is finished.

 Our products are cruelty - free and phthalate free.

Frankie Franky packaging uses recycled card and paper.


Why does my candle look odd?

All our candles are handmade and individually hand poured. We make sure every effort is made to ensure consistency. Due to some uncontrollable circumstances, such as temperature during postage, your candle may appear to have some air bubbles against the jar.

This is unfortunate, however it is a common occurrence in candles ans does not negatively impact the scent or the burn time of the candle.


If you still need help contact us at info@frankiefranky.com